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Sunday, 19 June 2005

Is the Jew Goal really that bad?

I sit here before you now and attest, that the people who I call my friends refer to the goals I score in EA sport's FIFA 11 as Jewish and not applicable in today's modern society. I ask, does EA not include the option of scoring Jew goals? Does not every goal deserve to be celebrated, relished with passion.

I strongly believe that the perpetrators in this vile, bigoted act, is not the person who scores the 'Jew Goal', nor EA, but rather the person in the losing position, the person who labels my scoring methods as 'Jewish' rather than scoring himself.

Sincerely, the 'Jew goal' scorer
Daniyyel Hickius



  1. I highly disagree with your post and as a fellow FIFA enthusiast myself I believe that scoring a Jew goal in FIFA is almost the same as a low kick in a fighting game. I mean do you have any balls? it sounds like this seems to be the only way your winning your games. I bet you even use skill moves as a way for you to acquire these Jew goals, am I right? of course I am. Also I agree that every goal deserves to be relished and celebrated with passion but I believe that if all you score is a Jew goal then you deserve to rot in hell with a shitty and mediocre team like Liverpool.

  2. While I appreciate a view from the opposing side, I still remain on my side of the fence, a goal is a goal is a goal.

    I believe you were also attacking my methods of scoring these goals. It takes many hours and dedication on both FIFA and the real pitch to know when to use skills moves, and also how to execute them. If indeed you are gullible enough to fall for the same moves over again then you sir a humbled.

    I rest my case.

  3. when to use skill moves*
    are humbled*

  4. Your a Jew.

    I rest my case. *crowd applauds*

  5. From the view of a non FIFA enthusiast, I have a very close friend who participates in the "jew goal" every time without fail when he plays his obviously superior friends. I agree with Geoff, I mean Your Mom, the goal of jewish origin shouldn't even be given points. This is the same in Tekkan with low kicks, coincidently my close friend is a master at both.

    A pissed off girlfriend

  6. Personally I believe that Jew goaling is the height of disrespect of FIFA, however may be acceptable if you are on the receiving end of a thrashing.

  7. I think people who get mad at these "Jew Goals", I.e. The people who concede to them, severely lack defensive skills in order to allow them! It's only the same as doing an overpowered fitness shot when you are one-on-one with a keeper, if another tactically placed striker is alongside you, why should you be limited to attempting pointless shots when you could be scoring?

    1. Exactly a 75% chance of scoring vs 100% = jew goal easy decision

  8. In Football, the aim is to win by scoring as many legitimate goals. It doesnt matter how you score. If somebody scores "what you say it as a jew goal" it's your fault since positioning of your defenders is not correct. Period.

  9. While I appreciate a view from the opposing side, I still remain on my side of the fence, a goal is a goal is a goal.

    Spor haberleri

  10. Umm, I don't get it...

    My friend told me he is amazing at FIFA and that he could beat me...I told him I am probably better than him because I rarely find a person that can challenge me.

    I was beating him and his mate constantly... they started calling me a jew because of it...

    I pass the ball a lot and change directions often, I become unpredictable and I am patient enough to even pass back to my keeper if I am being pressed too much to keep possession... I wait for gaps to appear in front and take advantage of them, so I score a lot of simple goals passing to the empty net but I can score some crackers too, I play as Arsenal and the Invincibles scored tons of "jew" goals constantly.... and they were arguably the best team in the history of the Premiership.

    My friends told me they'd only play against me if I pick lower side teams, I beat him 2-0 using Rochdale while he was Man City and could have been 5-6 nil, I don't think he had a shot on target the whole game...

    So they attack me for being a jew scoring goals but completely ignore they are just completely rubbish at defending.

    They did admit in the end they never played against someone that can actually play so well.

    So yeah, to me this whole "jew goal" thing is just people that can't defend, can't cover gaps in midfield/defence and are too predictable... they think good defending means committing your defender to tackles when you should be using them to cover gaps/angles because if the tackle fails you would find yourself in a precarious position.